Igor van der Bom

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Full name: Igor van der Bom
Current rank: =361 since Oct. 19, 2020
Highest Rank: 232 first reached June 20, 2016 (3 weeks in total)
2019: =359
2017: 274
2016: 240
Titles/finals: 0/0
Elo Rating: 0

Elo Ratings per Match since January 2013

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A player's elo rating is considered provisional (P) until they have either completed six matches or played matches at at least three different tournaments.

The probability of winning is equal to the predicted share of points scored. A player rated 200 above another corresponds to a 76% chance of winning.

The K value is a development coefficient, and it reduces large swings in the ratings of established players. The K value reduces over time, similar to 538's elo ratings for tennis players: 250/((player's match count+15)**(0.4)))-10

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