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  1. Search for and select individual players who took part in the tournament. If a players isn't listed, use the temporary players beginning at "??? 10001".
  2. Click the "Update Form" button.
  3. Enter all qualification, results and match data.
  4. Click the "Update Form" button again.
  5. Copy the URL from your browser's address bar and send it to along with a list of names and the temporary numbers of the unregistered players (numbers beginning at 1002).

TournamentNumber of unregistered players

PlayerQualification WinsQualification LossesQualified into knockoutWildcard entry into knockoutSeedTournament ResultKnockout Match WinsKnockout Match Losses

Final MatchScoreWinner
Third Place MatchScoreWinner
Semi-Final 1ScoreWinner
Semi-Final 2ScoreWinner
Round of 8 Match 1ScoreWinner
Round of 8 Match 2ScoreWinner
Round of 8 Match 3ScoreWinner
Round of 8 Match 4ScoreWinner
Round of 16 Match 1ScoreWinner
Round of 16 Match 2ScoreWinner
Round of 16 Match 3ScoreWinner
Round of 16 Match 4ScoreWinner
Round of 16 Match 5ScoreWinner
Round of 16 Match 6ScoreWinner
Round of 16 Match 7ScoreWinner
Round of 16 Match 8ScoreWinner

Included Players

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