Website Development Updates

20151229 - Now scores can be displayed in any format on tournament results pages, which is very handy for the three and five set matches played at the European Masters.

20150920 - Added the European Master 2015 Qualification Overview page. It still needs work, but will do for this year.

20150820 - Fixed the rankings formula and calculation functions to count the European Masters end-of-year-finals as a special 7th tournament in the 2015 year end rankings, but count it as a 500 point tournament for the ongoing FNC past-52-weeks rankings.

20150605 - Added rules and resources page. Also added two different sets of rules. One is a guide for players, the other is a more comprehensive rule set for referees and tournament directors.

20150605 - Added two new tournament points levels. 300 is counted along with 250 tournaments, and is a 50 point bonus for a tournament that was originally classified as a 250 level event, but exceeded the requirements in numerous way, along with a high participation level (above 2.0). This has been retroactively applied to the WJW 2015 Heerlen tournament. The new 350 level is counted along with 500 point tournaments. It is a new level for tournaments that were originally advertised as a 500 point level, but fell short of many 500 point level requirements. This has been applied to the Israel 2015 tournament due to lack of results over two months after the tournament, only 8 players in the knockout, semi-final matches only played to 3 points not 5, non-standard qualification and wildcard entries, no data from qualifications at all, and no record of total tournament participation.

20150604 - Player pages now show how many finals a player has reached, and how many titles they've won. Head to head pages show this, along with the highest level tournament the player has won in terms of points level and participation level.

20150602 - Tournaments now have participation levels displayed on this page. This is based on a formula suggested by Dave Leahy, where top 25 players contribute between 0.15 and 0.93 points, lower ranked players contribute 0.02 and unlisted participants 0.01 points (with a reducing factor for older tournaments when far fewer players were ranked). This will guide which tournaments are "bigger" in terms of attracting top players, and help determine which tournaments may be bumped up from 250 to 500 points in the future, for example, or from 500 to 750.

20150601 - Tournament pages now have 5 sections or sub pages, different depending on if they are past or future tournaments. News stories mentioning the tournament in the title are on the news page, and photos and videos show up on the media page. Links are on the main page for future tournaments, but move to the news and links page after the fact when people don't need to go to Facebook groups to sign up and stuff like that.

20150530 - News stories mentioning a player are now listed on the player's profile page.

20150529 - A system for tournament organizers to submit results. This means data entry only has to be done once, rather than tournament directors having to enter all the information into an email or pdf or spreadsheet, only for me to then have to do all the data entry a second time.

20150527 - As well as being able to go back through time with the FNC rankings, the same thing is now possible for the current year's race rankings. So this page will always show the latest race rankings but clicking the back arrow at the top of the page won't go to the 2014 end of year rankings, but instead to the 2015 race rankings before the last tournament results.

20150526 - All rankings are now calculated on a weekly basis. Rankings points from a tournament are counted from the Monday following the tournament, and the drop date for the points is the Sunday after the same tournament the following year. Or if there isn't the same tournament the following year, the Sunday closest to 365 days after the points began. This change has been applied retroactively to all rankings data, and all rankings records are now counted in weeks, rather than days (eg. "Luke has been at number two for a total of 58 weeks" not "390 days"). This became necessary after multiple tournaments were held on the same weekend at different juggling conventions, and some ranking spans were only a day long.

20150523 - News stories now hosted within the FNC website, not pulled from Only stories from 2015 are imported so far.

Here is a big gap in this list where I was doing loads of back-end development, re-writing most of the code, and generally making things run waaaaay better. In short, the website is now running on the django framework. While this can mean individual large pages load a bit slower than my own home-made methods before, it means I can add way more features to the website far more easily. Which is why, in the course of doing this re-write, I added lots of things just as a byproduct.

20150115 - Took a few days and some boring data entry, but now FNC player ID's are linked to Facebook accounts (though not in any official way), and they will be listed as in the "possible player list" on future tournament pages if they have marked themselves as "Going" on the relevant Facebook Event page.

20150110 - Top 10 displayed on the front page.

20150109 - Made a new front page feature: latest tournament and next tournament data. The first shows the two finalists. The second shows the defending champion and the date. Also made the player pages into single pages, instead of 5 different pages.

20141212 - New year-based record pages to show wins vs top ten players in 2013 and 2014, and winning streaks in 2013 and 2014. Also stuff to make data creation and page creation separate.

20141211 - Videos not from a single tournament are now sorted by date added.

20141130 - I forgot to update this page this week! Anyway... new page for the FNC European Masters 2014, a new page that lists all the videos and who is in them, new links from tournament pages to Facebook and Juggling Edge. Also Juggling Edge integration with FNC player numbers and User ID numbers, to make it so jugglers can express interest in taking part in future tournaments by registering their attendance at conventions over at Juggling Edge. Not sure if anyone will use this, but we'll see.

20141122 - Added a "change" column to all rankings tables, showing how many places a player has moved up or down, if there is no change, or if they are a new entry. For the current rankings and other rankings, this is from the previous span of time. For yearly rankings, this is compared to the previous year's rankings.

20141121 - New pages: Recent tournaments and upcoming tournaments. Also a new navigation bar at the bottom of every page, with dropdown selectors for players, past tournaments and future tournaments.

20141119 - New domain! New look! Background images that look good, updated layouts, pct=index, new title font that looks like the titles in the videos for consistent branding. Other fixes and improvements too.

20141109 - Pages for each host event (so a list of all the EJC tournaments, another of all BJC tournaments, etc) and page listing all the different tournaments. Plus some small fixes and stuff. Next up... a video page? Then links to websites, Facebook pages, Facebook Events and Juggling Edge listings. Probably.

20141107 - Big update! New menus for the top of the page. A new home page/latest news page. A new "all players" page in place of the dropdown selector, so sortable by first name, last name, nickname, country, current ranking and highest ranking. It should all look better and be easier to navigate on small screens. Some cosmetic modifications still needed.

20141025 - New behind the scenes data sorting and entering stuff. Small fixes and improvements.

20141021 - New tournament schedule pages. Almost there for arranging 2015 improvements.

20141020 - New navigation bar insert method. Plus lots of bug fixes and improvements.

20141020 - all new time-based rankings formula options. In other words, can specify different rankings formulas to inform rankings calculations, based on the end date of the rankings period. By setting 2015 formula to begin at 20141231, the end of year rankings for 2014 now use the 2015 formula. The new rankings formula page is now a preview of the last rankings formula in the list, not specifically for 2015.

20141018 - fixed the points issue where a player who gets a bye in the first round and loses their first match is awarded round of 8 points. They should receive round of 16 points or qualification points, whichever is greater. This only effects four players at three tournaments so far, so I've fixed it retroactively.

20141014 - updated home page text, added Facebook Page like box, added featured YouTube video player.

20141013 - made every rankings page include winning percentages of matches played. Also made all players sortable by tournaments entered, qualified, won, matches won, matches lost and winning percentage.

20141010 - created a new rankings formula page to test out 2015's rules with current rankings data. This new formula will come into effect on the 1st of January.

20141009 - backend stuff to make data storage easier.

20140710 - nothing visible from outside, but optimized system of uploading changed static files.

20140625 - made a way to list and rank all players by categories: gender, nationality, place of residence and juggling clubs used. This system can add any kind of new data in the future.

20140624 - added Eindhoven results. Also made a way to check for changes to new files to see how much has changed after each update or change to the website.

20140615 - made a way to have an image on a tournament page, mainly so a good image turns up in the Facebook preview, rather than the repeated "no player image" icon which Facebook seems to think is the most important image.

20140614 - added Berlin 2014 results

Made a way to have a wildcard entry into a qualification tournament, but if the player doesn't win a match, they only score one point, rather than the points for the loser of that round. This means that nobody can score more than the single minimum point for participation without winning at least one match (in either qualification or the main draw).

20140610 - added Rostock 2014 results.

20140609 - made a way to arbitrarily add data to each player, including nicknames, real names, nationality, place of residence, clubs used, gender, etc.

Fixed list of players in selection menu.

20140608 - split the player records into different pages, and made a list on the old records page. And I added a new record page listing players who have gone unbeaten in round-robin qualification.

Made the player page nav bar generalized. Split "Player Activity and Results" into "Tournament History" and "Match History" to go with "Rankings History" for each player.

Tidied up player info box at the top of every player page into a table

20140607 - made a Future Rankings page. It was way more handy than the existing opposite, the Complete Rankings History page, so I made it look back in time instead of forward and made an All Past Rankings page. Also "deep" links, directly to specific player sub-pages (all rivalries player links point to the rivalries page of that play) or to a specific player in a rankings table. Kinda handy. Also a few other fixes in terms of the 1 point minimum for participation (and how it disappeared in the Weighted Historic Ranking table), and fixed some tournament result errors.

20140604 - all NJF points and details, fixed issues with a round of 32 match. Also made a minimum award of 1 point for everyone who takes part in a Fight Night, even if they win no matches in RR qualification, or if the didn't make it through the group combat qualification rounds.

20140521 - made the drop-down menus work on my iPad.

20140518 - New pages: Running a Fight Night tournament - a series of how-to guides on qualification types, making the bracket, running the whole event, and submitting scores and information. Now I need to write the guide to running round-robin qualifications.
Due to having too many pages, I made the top link menu into a drop-down menu type thing.
Also made future tournaments not turn up in rankings tables.

20140517 - made the future tournament page list jugglers. And made it so future tournaments don't turn up in player tournament histories. Now I need to make them not turn up in rankings history details.

20140516 - fixed results from EJC 2012 Lublin results (after finding the original score sheet). Also added "future tournaments" functionality, though this currently consists of a notice at the top of tournament pages if they haven't happened yet, and an extra line in the drop down select box in the navigation section of each page. The next step is to make simple new table for future tournament pages. Also to make future tournaments not show up in player activity pages.

20140505 - made a new records page that, at the moment, only has two kinds of records. Turns out it was quite a lot of work to get access to such data. I'm going to make that easier.

20140503 - made new info table named "Complete Match History since January 2013" to be added to the player's Activity and Results pages. This will let me more easily collate information (from January 2013 onward), such the most important wins and losses for each player, the highest ranked player beaten, the number of top 10 players beaten, etc.

20140429 - added rankings FAQ, this development updates page, plus a way to arbitrarily add pages (made to add these pages). Also generalized the index page, cutting out a lot of code.

20140420 - added table sorting to most tables. Pretty nifty and very useful.

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