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April 11, 2017

Istvan Hornyak back to winning in Hungary - March 15, 2017

Congratulations to István Hornyák for winning the first Hungarian Juggling Championships Fight Night last weekend in Budapest. In the six combat tournaments in Hungary so far, István has ended up in either first or second place, winning at the Hungarian Juggling Convention in 2012, 2013 and 2014, then losing in the final in 2015 (to Luke Burrage) and 2016 (to András Timár).

On Saturday he beat László Gyimóthi 5-3 in the final after winning his first two matches without dropping a single point. Áron Huszka beat Mees Jager, who was invited to the event to judge other competitions, in the third place match.

11 jugglers took part in the qualifications, though one person dropped out due to injury. István earned himself 250 rankings points for his win, and with his 2nd place points from the Hungarian Juggling Convention last year moves up to 29th in the 52 Week Current Rankings.

Thanks to Bosznay Réka and Gyimóthi László for organising the event. All the scores and details can be found here:

The next scheduled Fight Night is the first Major 750 tournament of 2017, taking place at the British Juggling Convention in Nottingham.

Julius Preu extends his winning streak in New Zealand - March 9, 2017

The second National level tournament of the 2017 combat season took place last weekend at the New Zealand Juggling and Circus Festival. Julius Preu took the overall victory, and the 350 rankings points he earned was enough to put him into first place in the 2017 Race Rankings, and lifts him to third overall in the 52 Week Currents Rankings. He now won nine matches and three tournaments in a row, with his last loss coming in the third place match at the EJC last summer.

Julius beat Byron Hutton in the New Zealand final, and Byron's second place is his best result in a Fight Night since his win at Melbourne 2014. Third place went Joe Fisher, who recently came second at the Newcastle 2016 Fight Night.

A new feature of the Fight Night Combat website is the regional rankings. This shows Julius is now the top player if the rankings are calculated from just tournaments taking place in the last 52 weeks in Oceania, but is only ninth in the rankings of points from European Fight Night Combat tournaments.

See all the results details from New Zealand here:

The next Fight Night will take place at the Hungarian Juggling Championships this coming weekend, then in early April the British Juggling Convention will be hosting the first Major 750 tournament of the year.

Cameron Ford wins at Bath UpChuck 2017 - March 3, 2017

Congratulations to Cameron Ford for his first ever Fight Night Combat victory. Last weekend he won the Bath UpChuck 2017 Fight Night, a Standard 200 level tournament. This improves on his second place finish in Bath last year, and comes after a second place in Leeds and third place at Chocfest so far in the 2017 season.

Check out the video of Cameron beating Janion Nevill in the final match:

Callum Lawrie beat Rob Wooley, the top seeded player after the qualifications, in the third place match.

Cameron's win and 200 points moved him up to second in the 2017 Race Rankings, while Callum's three tournaments so far this season means he reached seventh place.

Thanks to Caitlin Burton and Ieuan Evans for running the tournament in Bath. See all th results and details here:

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